Air France Name Correction/Change Policy

Air France Name Correction/Change Policy – Air France is a magnificent aviation provider in France. It commits to facilitating visitors with superior travel services and trip solutions. The airline allows people to modify the name on the booking without a notable discomfort. Getting your name spelled wrongly on the Air France ticket? It is going to be no hassle for you! Visitors must explore the Air France name correction policy to gain various scenarios involved in the policy. This blog intends to unearth the things for you.

Air France Name Correction/Change Policy

Customer Support Number: 1-855-855-2481

With the ever-growing dependence on the aviation industry, air traveling has become more sophisticated and productive across versatile dimensions. Flight booking is the top priority for passengers who want to explore global destinations with utmost comfort and minimum challenges. Therefore, aspirants can look forward to having an air reservation with the correct name and other flight details. They should create the booking vigilantly to prevent unnecessary sorrows and disasters at the last moment.

About Air France

  • Air France is a professionally-organized aviation company that offers low-cost travel services to global clients.
  • The flag carrier was founded in 1933 from a merger of many regional service providers.
  • The main business office of the airline is located in Tremblay-en-France.
  • Also, Air France is one of the oldest and most experienced air transporters in France.
  • Further, Air France is a founding member of the SkyTeam Alliance since June 2000.
  • In terms of services, the airline connects over 150 destinations across the globe.
  • Similarly, the fleet of the carrier comprises more than 200 aircraft.

Air France Name Change/Correction Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) Can I change my name on the Air France ticket if it is changed after marriage?

Ans 1) When your name is legally changed, you can modify it on the ticket by submitting a legal document i.e. a marriage certificate.

Ques 2) What are the procedures to make name corrections with Air France?

Ans 2) The France-based carrier proposes several channels to choose from for name corrections. They can utilize the official website or approach the airport ticket counter/customer service number(1-855-855-2481) for the same purpose.

Ques 3) Can I transfer the Air France ticket to another visitor’s name?

Ans 3) The airline doesn’t allow any person to transfer the booking to another passengers’ name.

Air France Name Change Policy | Various Guidelines and Key Specifications

It can be troublesome to get the passenger’s name printed incorrectly on the PNR. The concerned visitor will have to rectify the name as soon as possible after becoming aware of the same. The aviation rules require your name to reflect similar characters on all documents i.e. a ticket, passport, and official ID. Any variation can cause severe moments to the scheduled itinerary. Eventually, your booking may also get cancelled in case you're unable to remove errors before departure.

Flying with Air France?

Need to amend the name on the booking?

Here’s good news for you!

According to the name correction policy of the airline, passengers can make essential modifications to the name. It offers a flexible service policy to help people modify their bookings as per new developments. A customer can obtain the required knowledge before raising the name change request to perform the procedure flawlessly.

Major Highlights to Consider

Air France’sname modification policy is a clear exhibition of user-friendly rules, guidelines, and laws. Below are various legalities you should abide by to correct the name on the Air France ticket:

  • Air France permits travelers to make essential name corrections/modifications on the PNR.
  • However, aspirants can bring only minor name corrections (typo errors) in the Air France booking.
  • Concerned passengers can choose to proceed with either online or offline ways for name corrections.
  • Further, it requires no service fee if a customer makes name corrections up to 30 hours before departure. Make sure the booking is made with Air France, Kenya Airways, KLM, and Delta Airlines.
  • Likewise, you can make name changes free of cost up to 72 hours before departure for tickets booked with partner airlines.
  • Also, a visitor can modify the name on the Air France booking by submitting a relevant document in case it is changed after marriage/divorce.
  • The airline may ask for a certain fee for making name corrections outside the specified risk-free window.
  • Ticket transfer to another Air France visitor is strictly prohibited as per company regulations.

Need More Help? Get in touch with experts at 1-855-855-2481 (toll-free).

How to Modify the Name on the Air France Ticket?

As per policy rules, Air France visitors can use either online or traditional platforms to initiate the process. This is a detailed illustration of both scenarios.

Air France Name Correction Online

  • Visit
  • Go to the tab named ‘Manage Booking.’
  • Enter your family name as well as your booking code number.
  • Utilize relevant tabs and options to correct the name as it is mentioned on the passport.
  • Make sure to check the name before submission.
  • Pay the applicable fee.
  • Finally, Air France will notify you about new ticket details via confirmation mail.

Air France Name Correction Offline

Under the corridor of offline channels, clients will have the following choices to opt for:

  • Airport Ticket Counter
  • Self-Service Center or KIOSK
  • Customer Helpdesk Number (1-855-855-2481)

Air France Name Correction/Change Fee

Air France comes up with a reasonable price policy for its services. For name changes/corrections, the airline may (or may not) ask for a certain service fee. Minor name corrections can be performed without a fee. Under other conditions, the name change penalty ranges between US$20 and US$50. Well, you should collect the latest fee details at 1-855-855-2481 or on the official website.