Turkish Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

Turkish Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy – An incorrect name on the air ticket can be worrisome if not taken care of in time. Getting the wrong name on the Turkish Airlines ticket? You aren’t alone since it’s a common affair in the aviation industry. This blog is all about illustrating various guidelines and regulations falling under the Turkish Airlines name correction policy.

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Turkish Airlines Name Correction/Change Policy

Turkish Airlines Name Correction Policy: Reflecting the Extreme of Comfort!

To err is human! It is normal for us to conduct mistakes in daily life. When it comes to the aviation domain, it is universally applicable that no visitor can board the flight with incorrect name details on the PNR. Whether it is a single-character error or more, it shows your ineligibility at all. Ultimately, it becomes necessary that your name on all documents such as a ticket, passport, and government-issued ID must match character-to-character.

From that perspective, Turkish Airlines passengers should oblige the airline for bringing awesome travel solutions. People are set to accumulate supportive angles while correcting mistakes in the name. The Turkey-based aviation company permits visitors to make required modifications in the name as per rules. Proceed to scan various rules and guidelines important to make changes legally.

Vital Rules:

  • Visitors can modify the names on the Turkish ticket as per the dedicated policy of the airline.
  • Incredibly, Turkish Airlines followers can make name corrections within 24 hours after the purchase to avoid the service fee.
  • The policy gives the nod to correct the spellings, not the full name.
  • Similarly, you’ll have only a single chance(per passenger) to amend the name with Turkish Airlines.
  • Passengers will have the right to go either online or offline to conduct name corrections.
  • Further, the name change is permissible only if it is changed after marriage/divorce.
  • Remember, no person can alter the name after performing the check-in process.
  • The Turkish name correction policy covers all tickets issued on TK documents and operated by Turkish Airlines.
  • Likewise, Turkish Airlines travelers can make corrections in the whole name up to four characters.
  • When you're traveling with Mile&Smiles frequent flyer mileage points, you can't raise the name change/correct request.

How to Modify the Name on Turkish Airlines Booking?

Don’t you know the legal way to make name correction on the Turkish Airlines ticket? Explore this section carefully. The carrier demonstrates its flexible approach by allowing travelers to make booking modifications using online or offline platforms. Have a look.

Turkish Airlines Change Name Online

  • Open your web browser to visit – turkishairlines.com.
  • Now, you can go with the ‘Manage’ tab on the homepage.
  • On the next page, a user will enter the last name and the 6-digit booking reference number.
  • Hereafter, you can explore the list of bookings to choose the relevant one.
  • Next, you can follow on-screen instructions to make essential changes and cross-check the details before submitting the application.
  • Further, a customer pays the name correction fee (if eligible) to wrap up the online procedure.
  • In the end, Turkish Airlines will notify you about alternations made in the name via a confirmation mail.
Turkish Airlines Change Name at the Airport Ticket Counter

Furthermore, Turkish Airlines visitors can also dare to reach the nearest airport to alter the booking for name corrections. You should carry relevant documents to place essential name changes.

Turkish Airlines Change Name via Phone Call

Additionally, people can also move legitimately by dialing the toll-free customer service number.

Customer Helpline Number: 1-855-855-2481

Turkish Airlines Name Change/Correction Fee

As far as the service charges are related, the Turkey-based air carrier brings lots of lucrative things for visitors. Significantly, it permits clients to make corrections in the name for free within the first 24 hours after the booking. However, Turkish may charge up to US$300 as a name change service fee under certain circumstances. The service cost tends to vary as per the fare type, the class of the service, destination, and the time of the request. Hence, it is thoughtful to grab the latest fee scenarios at the official website or 1-855-855-2481.

About Turkish Airlines

Conceived in the year 1933, Turkish Airlines is one of the oldest aviation providers on the planet. Presently, it is the national flag flight of Turkey, committed to service passengers with a gargantuan infrastructure and customer-friendly policies. Also, the airline is a prominent organ of the Star Alliance since 2008.

Further, it aims to support visitors with comfy scheduled flights throughout over 300 destinations in Asia, the Americas, Europe, and Africa. The head station of the carrier is located at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. In the fleet, Turkish Airlines houses an enormous collection of more than 350 aircraft, including Airbus and Boeing vehicles.

Turkish Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy – FAQs

Ques 1) Is it possible to modify the name on the Turkish Airlines ticket?

Ans 1) Yes, a change of name is allowed only when it is legally changed after marriage/divorce or any other legal procedure.

Ques 2) How can I make name corrections on the PNR with Turkish Airlines?

Ans 2) You can do so via the official website, customer service number, and airport ticket counter.

Ques 3) Is there any service fee to alter the name on the Turkish Airlines ticket?

Ans 3) Normally, the Turkey carrier charges passengers US$300 for making name changes under specific conditions. Well, you pay no fee under other conditions.